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Please note that as from 30 April our Terms & Conditions are changing as follows:
Full Boarding/Pet Visiting Fees will be charged in advance of the booking taking place.  Unfortunately, it has become necessary to change to this new system, because of the current difficult economic climate, and it will be easier for us as a business to keep track of payments.
If for some reason the booking cannot go ahead on either side, the boarding/Pet Visiting Fees can be transferred to another booking, however, these will not be refundable.
All rabbits must be vaccinated yearly against Myxomatosis/VHD & a Veterinary Certificate must be produced at the time of admittance for boarding.  (There is a new combined vaccination coming out in the near future, available at Avonvale Veterinary Centres).
If your pet(s) are taken ill whilst in our care, they will be looked after by our vet at Avonvale Veterinary Centre & all charges will be expected to be paid by the client(s)/Pet(s) Owners.
If your pet(s) remain uncollected for 7 days passed the date of the
client(s) expected return from holiday & no contact has been made with us, we will make arrangements for the pet(s) to be cared for either by the Client(s) Emergency Contact Details or by a local sanctuary if we cannot continue to offer boarding, i.e. all of our hutches may be booked our during the Summer Holidays.