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  1. The real Easter Bunny is not a good pet for your children. They require a lot of looking after and are not easy to handle. Bunnies don't like to be picked up generally as they prefer to be either on the ground or underground in a burrow out of sight. My first pet rabbit burrowed under our garden muck heap. Even your pet rabbit has the same instinct as a wild rabbit.

    They are a ten year commitment and require feeding on nuggets that are specially formulated to meet their dietary needs, rabbits need hay and fresh green leafy vegetables. Rabbits need exercise as this gives them Vitamin David from the sunlight. They need suitable accommodation and not necessarily a hutch. A Wendy House or Garden Shed with a large run attached is one solution. Rabbits can live indoors just like your cat or dog can, but you have to bunny proof cables and wires. Rabbits need regular Vaccinations and check ups with your vet as they can suffer illnesses and their teeth continually grow as do their claws which need cutting. Rabbits need regular grooming and if you handle them regularly they will mostly come to enjoy it as long as this is done with care. Over 60,000 rabbits end up unwanted in rescues each year. This is why it is so important that you think carefully before adopting rabbits as they're also happier in pairs.

  2. #Guinea Pigs

    Are delightful creatures who love to live in #pairs or groups and it is best to adopt them from a #Rescue they will give you all the correct information about their #care.

    They can live #Indoors or #Outdoors and they thrive on being kept warm because they do not like our cold, #Wet, weather.